Travel Beyond Tokyo
with local insights

Welcome to ThoughINAKA, your gateway to Japan’s untouched beauty. While urban adventures offer abundance, rural exploration requires guidance. Our specialty is immersing you in local life through our expert guides and storytellers, who bring depth to every experience. We specialize in unveiling the lesser known, where there is often scarce information, language barriers, and transportation complexities that arise. Your adventure might start in Tokyo’s vibrant embrace but afterwards, come and trust us to lead you through authentic rural experiences that paint the true essence of Japan. Immerse yourself in a complete Japanese journey, from city pulse to serene landscapes.


Unlock the Essence of Rural Japan

Our local storytellers provide unique, eye-opening experiences, offering fresh perspectives, revealing hidden treasures, and transforming your encounter with rural Japan’s heart and soul.

Efficiency with Local Expertise

Our local expertise and efficiency ensure you make the most of your time and resources while discovering rural Japan.

Your Journey, Tailored Locally

Collaborate with our local experts to craft a personalized adventure that’s as unique as your desires. Take advantage of their deep local connections and roots in the community to tailor the perfect tour for your needs.

Travel with Unwavering Support

With our on-the-ground know-how and connections to regional entities like tourist information offices and DMOs, we ensure your travel is hassle-free and responsive to any special requests.

Experience the complete journey,
from city pulse to serene landscapes.