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We at ThoughINAKA are not just another travel company. Through our platform, we aim to provide international tourists with an opportunity to experience the real Japan. We also extend a warm invitation to those in the media industry who wish to share these unique experiences through their work.

With over 15 years of experience, ThoughINAKA goes beyond the traditional travel company model. We are the architects of unique, transformative experiences that connect travellers with rural Japan, fostering a profound understanding of this remarkable country. Our mission is to break down cultural barriers and allow visitors to immerse themselves in Japan’s authentic beauty.

Collaborate with ThoughINAKA to infuse your media content with captivating stories, stunning visuals, and a rich cultural tapestry that brings Japan’s rural landscapes to life. Our community faces pressing challenges, including an aging population, issues with land and housing succession, and the outflow of young people, but there are individuals who inspire us with their proactive solutions and innovative lifestyles. We believe there’s much to learn from them.

Join us in a partnership that enriches your storytelling and captivates your audience. We invite you to reach out and explore the exciting possibilities of our collaboration. Together, we can showcase the authentic beauty of Japan to the world.

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