How It Works

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    Choose Your Plan:

    Select your desired rural destination or adapt an existing itinerary to suit your preferences.

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    Personalize Your Journey:

    Share your travel plans and preferences with us by filling out a brief form online. Our local experts will use the information to craft your dream experience.

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    Tailor-Made Itinerary Creation:

    Your dedicated local travel expert will meticulously design your itinerary. With your input and feedback, they will make sure to tweak and fine-tune the program until it perfectly aligns with your vision.

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    Secure Booking Process:

    Book your journey confidently through our online platform. Pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure! Throughout your trip, our storytellers will be your resource, answering queries and ensuring a seamless experience.

Throughout your trip, your local expert will be your resource, answering queries and ensuring a seamless experience.

Encounter the heart of rural Japan like never before, guided by our expert storytellers who breathe life into every step of your journey. With ThoughINAKA, your exploration becomes a meaningful narrative waiting to be written.



What is ThoughINAKA

ThoughINAKA is an online platform that connects local experience providers with foreign tourists, offering various activities and tours. With multilingual guides accompanying tours, we ensure peace of mind for travelers while enabling seamless activity provision for experience providers.

What is the meaning of ThoughINAKA

"ThoughINAKA" is a blend of two words: "Though" and "INAKA." "Though" suggests the idea of overcoming challenges or barriers, while "INAKA" means "countryside" or "rural" in Japanese. Therefore, the name conveys the concept of experiencing and appreciating the beauty and authenticity of rural Japan despite any obstacles or difficulties.

How to utilize this platform

Explore: Browse through our curated selection of premium and standard tours, as well as activities, showcasing the hidden gems of rural Japan.

Customize: Tailor your experience by selecting the tours or activities that align with your interests and preferences.

Book: Reserve your chosen tour or activity directly through the platform, with seamless booking and payment processes.

Engage: Immerse yourself in the authentic culture and beauty of rural Japan with the guidance of knowledgeable storytellers and immersive experiences.

Share: Share your unforgettable experiences with friends and fellow travelers, contributing to the community and inspiring others to explore rural Japan.

What makes ThoughINAKA different from other travel platforms?

ThoughINAKA stands out from other travel platforms due to its exclusive focus on connecting travelers with authentic rural experiences in Japan. While many travel platforms primarily highlight popular tourist destinations and urban attractions, ThoughINAKA specializes in showcasing the hidden gems and cultural richness of rural Japan. Our platform offers a curated selection of tours and activities that provide travelers with immersive experiences off the beaten path, allowing them to explore the charm and tranquility of Japan's countryside. Additionally, ThoughINAKA prioritizes the support of local communities and businesses, ensuring that travelers have meaningful interactions with residents and contribute positively to the sustainable development of rural areas.

Are the tours and activities on ThoughINAKA available in multiple languages?

Yes, the tours and activities on ThoughINAKA are available in both English and Japanese, ensuring accessibility for a diverse range of users.

Can I customize or tailor-make my tour experience on ThoughINAKA?

Yes, absolutely! On ThoughINAKA, we understand that every traveler is unique and may have specific preferences or interests. That's why we offer customizable tour options, allowing you to tailor-make your experience according to your preferences. Whether you want to explore specific attractions, indulge in particular activities, or immerse yourself in local culture, we're here to help you create a personalized itinerary that suits your needs and interests.

What payment methods are accepted on ThoughINAKA?

We accept major credit cards using Square, a trusted and secure payment platform. This allows for seamless and convenient transactions for our guests, ensuring a hassle-free booking experience on ThoughINAKA.

What safety measures are in place for tours and activities booked through ThoughINAKA?

Our tours and activities comply with all local safety regulations and guidelines. Additionally, we work closely with our partners to ensure that all experiences are conducted safely. Each tour is led by experienced guides who prioritize guest safety, and we provide clear instructions and safety information before each activity. We highly recommend applying for fully covered travel insurance before starting your journey to ensure comprehensive protection during your trip. If you have any specific safety concerns, please feel free to contact us directly.

Are there any age restrictions for participating in tours or activities on ThoughINAKA?

Certainly! We do have age restrictions for certain activities, but don't worry; all relevant information regarding age requirements will be clearly stated in the tour details section. This ensures that guests have all the necessary information before booking their experience. If you have any questions or concerns about age restrictions for a specific activity, please refer to the tour description in the "tour details" section, or feel free to reach out to us directly for assistance.

Can I leave reviews or feedback for tours and activities I've booked through ThoughINAKA?

Certainly! You can also share your reviews and feedback on our major social media platforms and Tripadvisor. Your contributions help us spread the word about ThoughINAKA and reach more travelers around the world. Whether it's sharing your favorite moments, leaving a review, or recommending us to friends and family, your support is invaluable in growing our platform and providing memorable experiences to travelers everywhere.