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Why Become a Travel Advisor?

While thousands of foreigners visit Japan, most of them miss out on experiencing the authentic and unique aspects of rural Japan. We believe this is where the roots of Japan’s culture and traditions originated and have been preserved for generations. We are convinced that to truly understand Japan, foreign visitors should explore these lesser-known places.

However, due to the lack of information, language barriers, and infrastructure challenges like transportation, visiting rural Japan isn’t an easy task. This is where you come in. We invite you to first explore these hidden gems and then provide us with guidance on how to attract the right people to these specific destinations. We want to go beyond simple promotion of places and create sustainable and enriching experiences.

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We would love to partner with advisors who are happy to:

Can you join us for more than just a tour?!

We’re not looking for participants who will simply take part in a monitor tour and forget about it. We encourage active engagement from you to introduce these places to like-minded individuals who share the same values. Moreover, if you find a connection with the experiences and our mission, we envision you being a part of our future endeavors in the travel business. Your passion can make a lasting impact, and we welcome your collaboration in shaping the future of travel in rural Japan.

Are you ready to create a change?

ThoughINAKA is a unique platform that connects foreign tourists with the essence of Japan, particularly in rural areas. The term Inaka refers to the countryside, where Japan’s true authenticity resides. We invite our guests to delve into and fully experience the heart and soul of these rural regions, uncovering hidden wonders despite their rustic nature.

Why Choose ThoughINAKA?

Authentic experiences are the aspiration of every tourist visiting Japan. However, language barriers and misinformation often hinder the realization of this aspiration. Many businesses offer experiences that lack authenticity, leading to disappointment among travellers. We establish close partnerships with local communities, as a responsible platform looking to provide these genuine encounters. Our strength lies in our team of storytellers and community members who possess extensive knowledge about the destinations.

Who are the Storytellers?

Our Storytellers go beyond being mere guides; they are passionate individuals enthusiastic about sharing the stories of their respective regions. Drawing from the wisdom of local experts, skilled artisans, and knowledgeable elders, these dedicated guides inspire guests with profound insights, aiding them in uncovering the true essence of each location.

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