Do you know how a cup of tea is made?


Tea-making experience with tea plantation tour

Join us on an extraordinary journey where you'll uncover the secrets behind every sip. In this unique experience, visitors will step into the world of tea production as we take you on a captivating tour of the Fujihara Tea Wholesaler factory. From the ancient art of fire-roasting using the traditional hand-kneading method to the delicate process of brewing tea, and even a mesmerizing visit to a tea farm, prepare to embark on a sensory adventure like no other.

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  • Experience traditional hand-kneading fire-roasting.
  • Enjoy mind- and body-friendly organic tea.
  • Explore scenic tea plantations on a mesmerizing tour.


Fujihara Tea Wholesaler, tracing its roots back to 1868, is renowned for its Izumo Daito tea. Today, the company prioritizes organic tea production for holistic well-being. During guided tours of their tea plantation, guests are enchanted by the scenic beauty and enlightened by the Fujihara Tea Master’s expertise on cultivation. Relaxing amidst nature, visitors are treated to seasonal tea, experiencing the timeless charm of tea-making, nurtured over 150 years of tradition by Fujihara’s dedicated tea masters.


1 After registration, explanation of precautions, etc.
2 Tea Farm Visit: Explore Fujihara Tea Wholesaler’s tea farm in the Hatahiyodori district of Unnan City.
3 Factory Tour: Transfer to Fujihara Tea Wholesaler’s factory and observe the tea processing method using machinery.
4 Roasting Furnace Experience: Immerse yourself in the traditional hand-kneading method using a roasting furnace
5 Teapot Lecture: Learn the art of using a teapot, achieving the perfect temperature, and other essential tips for brewing delicious tea
6 Feel free to purchase tea products at the Fujihara Tea Wholesale Store if desired.


  • Price per person (tax incl.)

    2 Adult 10,800(JPY)
    3 Adult 9,800(JPY)
    4 Adult 9,300(JPY)
    5 Adult 9,000 (JPY)

  • Set Dates

    every day

  • Excluded Dates

    New year holiday season

  • Meeting time and place

    In front of JR Izumo DaitoStation
    15 minutes before the start time

  • Time Required

    180 min.

  • Min/Max Number of participant

    Min 2/ Max 5

  • Language support

    English interpreter staff

  • Japanese Level



  •  Cost of the experience, insurance, souvenirs, tea, and snacks
  • Accompaniment by an English-speaking interpreter throughout the tour.

Other (Notes)


・For your convenience, we highly recommend renting a car for this activity. However, if you prefer not to rent a car, we can arrange taxi transportation for you. Please note that the transportation fee will be the responsibility of the guest.

・Attire: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that can get dirty, as there will be some walking and work involved at the tea plantation. Long pants are recommended due to the presence of insects in the fields.

・Weather Consideration: The order of activities may be adjusted based on the weather conditions on the day of the tour.

Travel planning and implementation

Tabikala Co., Ltd.
Registered Travel Agency with the Governor of Shimane Prefecture: Region – 106
Shimane Governor-registered travel service arrangement business: No. 5- Other

Cancellation Policy

(including 5% handling charge) for cancellations made within 7 days from the day before the start of the experience is as follows.

4 to 7 days before: 15%
Up to 3 days before: 25%
2 days before: 35%
The day before: 55%
The day of: 100%
No-show: 100%.



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