Let's learn about the Tatami industry over a cup of delicious coffee


Tatami Making Experience with Master Tomotsuka

Under expert guidance, experience the art of tatami making.Sip perfectly blended coffee by Mr. Tomotsuka while indulging in igusa sweets. Hear the craftsman's thoughts on tatami making.

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Adult (13-99)
Child (3-12)
Infant (0-2)


  • Create your mini tatami, taking home a piece of tradition.
  • Enjoy delicious coffee and igusa sweets.


Discover the ancient artistry of tatami making while enjoying a delightful cup of coffee at Tomostuka Tatami Mat factory. Immerse yourself in the Mini Tatami Making Experience, guided by Mr. Tomostuka, a dedicated tatami master. Gain insights into the tatami industry, witness the production process, and savor the charm of this integral aspect of Japanese culture.


1 After registration, explanation of precautions, etc.
2 Tatami Factory Tour (30 min): Explore the intricacies of tatami production with a guided tour of the factory, gaining a firsthand look at the traditional and modern techniques.
3 Mini Tatami Making Experience (90 min): Choose materials and edges (heri) for your miniature tatami. Utilize tools tatami masters employ to craft an authentic and personalized tiny tatami mat.
4 Industry Insight & Coffee Session (60 min): Discuss the current state of the tatami industry, new initiatives, and the allure of craftsmanship. Enjoy a delicious coffee and indulge in original sweets from Tatami Master Tomostuka.
5 Dismissal


  • Price per person (tax incl.)

    1 Adult 14,400(JPY)
    2 Adult 10,800(JPY)
    3 Adult 9,800(JPY)
    4 Adult 9,300(JPY)
    5 Adult 9,000 (JPY)

  • Set Dates

    every day

  • Excluded Dates

    New year holiday season

  • Meeting time and place

    Tatami Kobo Tomotsuka TatamiKoten
    15 minutes before the start time

  • Time Required

    180 min.

  • Min/Max Number of participant

    Min 1/ Max 5

  • Language support

    English interpreter staff

  • Japanese Level



  • Cost of the experience, insurance, souvenirs, tea, and snacks.
  • Accompaniment by an English-speaking interpreter throughout the tour.

Other (Notes)

・We will do our best to accommodate requests on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. However, please be aware that our primary occupation is operating a tatami mat store, and there may be occasions when we are unable to fulfill requests due to our work schedule. Thank you for your understanding.
・Please wear comfortable clothes for work.

Travel planning and implementation

Tabikala Co., Ltd.
Registered Travel Agency with the Governor of Shimane Prefecture: Region – 106
Shimane Governor-registered travel service arrangement business: No. 5- Other

Cancellation Policy

(including 5% handling charge) for cancellations made within 7 days from the day before the start of the experience is as follows.

4 to 7 days before: 15%
Up to 3 days before: 25%
2 days before: 35%
The day before: 55%
The day of: 100%
No-show: 100%.



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